We’ve improved our news communications this year in a big way. We’ve added a blog/news section that is tied into an email delivery service called MailChimp. This will allow users to sign up to receive news posts delivered to their email address.

This is how it works…

  • We will post news into one of four categories on this site: General Announcements, Varsity News, JVA News, or JVB News. Each of these categories corresponds to an email group. We may modify or add more categories and groups at a later time.
  • Signup to our email news list using the form on this site and choose the news group(s) you want to receive email about.
  • When we post a news article to the site within the category matching the group(s) you’ve subscribed to, you will receive an email the following morning. Currently we have MailChimp setup to send these emails around 4am, so they should be waiting for you when you start your day.

How often will I receive emails from Monarch baseball?

  • How often you receive emails will depend on the frequency with which we post into the categories you’re currently signed up to receive.
  • You don’t receive an email when we post to a category/group you are not signed up to receive. If you are only signed up for varsity news and we post to general announcements, for example, you will not receive an email.
  • If we post three articles in one day to the categories/groups you are subscribed to you’ll receive one email the following morning with all three articles.

How do I unsubscribe or change/update my selected email group(s)?

  • You can unsubscribe or change your subscription preferences any time using the links at the bottom of each email we send you. This will allow you to easily modify the lists you are subscribed to without having to find the right staff member to remove you from the list.
  • Using the form on the site you can also update your group(s) by entering the email address you used to signup and selecting the group(s) you wish to change to. Those groups selected in this process will override the groups you were previously subscribe to. At this time there isn’t currently a way to unsubscribe using the form on the website.

I’m not a huge fan of more email in my inbox. Is there another way I can subscribe to news?

  • Yes, but this is a tad more technical. Each news category we post to has an RSS feed associated with it. Currently there are four:
  • You can subscribe to these feeds in your aggregator of choice. A current good choice is Feedly, but reference the Wikipedia article (RSS feed) for other available options.
  • These are the same feeds that MailChimp detects changes to in order to send out our RSS email campaigns to subscribers.